[LLVMdev] cc1: Unknown command line argument '--code-model=default'.

Duncan Sands baldrick at free.fr
Mon Jul 25 01:53:39 PDT 2011

>> Current dragonegg svn builds against llvm svn again, but the resulting
>> dragonegg plugin fails at runtime. When either c or fortran is compiled
>> against either gcc-4.5.3 or gcc-4.6.1, the compilations fail as...
>> cc1: Unknown command line argument '--code-model=default'. Try: 'cc1 -help'
>> cc1: Did you mean '-fast-isel=default'?
> I didn't catch up with all the LLVM changes yet. Probably I will today.

It seems to work again.  I expect some fallout from the type system changes

Ciao, Duncan.

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