[LLVMdev] Correct use of StringRef and Twine

FlyLanguage flylanguage at gmail.com
Tue Jul 19 11:50:47 PDT 2011

Den 19.07.2011 20:14, skrev David Blaikie:
>>> Perhaps, I suppose, I'm not sure just how portable llvm code is.
>> Very portable AFAICT. I'm even going to port it to my hobbyist OS once C++
>> rtti is totally gone in the llvm code base.
> Sorry, I meant source portable to different compilers (ie: which
> compilers does llvm compile on&  how many have really poor std::string
> implementations).

I should elaborate... the problem with STL, and std::string in 
particular, is that you have to consider each implementation's 
performance characteristics. For stuff like LLVM, where performance is 
really critical, you have to code against a particular implementation.

Some string implementations does simple COW/refcounting, others do SSO, 
some do LSP, some do other optimizations. And there are all sorts of 
combinations, and future implementations are likely to change on certain 

It's nasty.

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