[LLVMdev] Custom lowering of load with extension

Damien Vincent damien.llvm at gmail.com
Mon Jul 18 18:35:21 PDT 2011


The target I am working on does not support i8 loading: it supports only 32
bit aligned loads.
I had to custom lower i8 load so that only i32 loads are generated.

My issue is the following:
In a very specific case, the lowering stage generates the following pattern
where the load is a i32 load:
(and (load x), 255)
This pattern is somehow converted by the DAG combiner back to:
 (zextload x, i8)
And then, during the instruction selection phase, I get:
error in backend: Cannot select: 0xb3a5558: i32,ch = load 0xb3823c4,
0xb3a1890, 0xb3a2440<LD1[%4](align=4), zext from i8>
because the instruction is simply not supported by the backend (that's the
initial reason for implementing the custom lowering !)

How come the DAG combiner converts my lowering back to an i8 loading ?
Looking at the DAGCombiner.cpp code, this transformation is done because
isLoadExtLegal returns true in the case of custom lowering of load which
does not seem logical to me (do you have an explanation for this ?).

Well, I assume I didn't do sth the right way... Can you point a mistake in
my reasoning ?

  Thank you !

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