[LLVMdev] 32bit MIPS (little endian) code gen for simplescalar 3.0

Gang-Ryung Uh guh at boisestate.edu
Sun Jul 17 08:29:20 PDT 2011

We are using simplescalar 3.0 as an architecture simulation platform for our
research. The current version of the simplescalar still uses gnu binutils
1.5. and gcc-2.7.2 to generate 32bit mips code. We are currently trying to
replace gcc-2.7.2 by LLVM current. However, the generated code cannot be
processed by this old binutils-1.5. We expect that it can be quite difficult
to make simplescalar use the current gnu binutils. Instead, we are thinking
of modifing llc to generate mips code for binutils-1.5. Having said this,
could you advise which module(s) in LLVM we need to modify? Thanks in



Gang-Ryung Uh, Associate Professor
Department of Computer Science
College of Engineering, Boise State Univerisity
tel: 1 208 426-5691  e-mail:guh at boisestate.edu
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