[LLVMdev] type-system-rewrite branch landing tomorrow

Chris Lattner clattner at apple.com
Sat Jul 9 00:35:17 PDT 2011

FYI, the type-system-rewrite branch is landing tomorrow morning, in mainline llvm, llvm-gcc and clang.  I don't have updates, so dragonegg will have to remain broken until someone can fix it (the changes aren't too terrible, llvm-gcc is a good template).

If you're interested in an early preview, the type-system-rewrite branch contains the code for llvm and clang.  I sent the llvm-gcc patch out earlier today.  The test passes all the llvm and clang regression tests, as well as llvm-test with both the new clang and an old clang (stress testing the bc autoupgrade logic).


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