[LLVMdev] Function Pass - Control Flow with uses-iterator

Benjamin Müller mueller.benjamin1 at googlemail.com
Tue Jul 5 13:46:15 PDT 2011

Hey there,
i have a BasicBlock and in this BB i am going over it finding out the "uses"
of each instruction to find out the dataflow, but how do i find out the
control flow?
or like how do i know that the next load function loads from a previous
store function - i cant find this out with the uses iterator because of the
SSA form.

1. %In2 = alloca float, align 4 (uses: instr. 12 and 13)
12. store % float %5, float* In2 (uses: nothing)
13. %6 = load float* %In2 (uses : ...)

so instruction nr. 12 should tell me that its being used in 13.
Is this possible?
Thank you
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