[LLVMdev] Coarse-grained parallelism

John Criswell criswell at illinois.edu
Fri Apr 22 07:52:10 PDT 2011

On 4/20/11 1:05 AM, Andreas Wilhelm wrote:
> Am 19.04.2011 um 16:44 schrieb John Criswell:
>> On 4/19/11 5:57 AM, Andreas Wilhelm wrote:
>>> Hello,
>>> I found some code within the pool allocation project to identify 
>>> parallelizable function calls.
>>> Unfortunately the functionality isn't part of the current release of 
>>> poolalloc (in release 14 it was).
>> Can you tell me in what file(s) this is implemented?  I wasn't aware 
>> that the poolalloc project had such an analysis.
> The automatic parallelization was implemented in 
> poolalloc/lib/DSA/Parallelize.cpp. The pass uses the PDG of class 
> PgmDependenceGraph to identify parallelizable function calls. Do you 
> know something about the idea behind those code?

Sadly, no.  I don't know anything about that code.  I searched through 
the old CVS repository for the commit logs of this file.  It appears to 
have been removed long ago because it fell into disuse.

-- John T.

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