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Gaster, Benedict Benedict.Gaster at amd.com
Fri Apr 15 11:39:15 PDT 2011

This is slightly of main LLVM topic but I think many might be interested. We are currently recruiting for full time roles for a high-level programming model R&D position. The role is defined as follows:

Job Description:  The Fusion System Software team is looking for an experienced researcher and software developer to develop high-level programming models for our new Fusion hardware architecture. This person would work within a dedicated team and will assist in all aspects of the software lifecycle, helping to architect, implement, validate and implement a complete software stack. This is an excellent opportunity to get involved in a new software initiative and to influence an emerging software architecture.

Candidate must have previous experience developing software for new and emerging hardware architectures, in particular for GPGPU. This person is expected to have a broad skill set including strong working knowledge of compilers, runtime libraries, linkers, loaders, operating systems and parallel programming. The successful candidate will have experience in program language design, including type systems, for  SIMD+SMP programming, GPGPU. They will also be able to demonstrate knowledge in functional programming.


* PhD. Computer Science is required.

* Experience with C++ is required, including template meta-programming.

* Experience with concurrent runtimes, e.g. Intel's TBB or Microsoft's Concurrency Runtime, is required.

* Experience with OpenCL/CUDA/GPGPU.

* Familiarity with implementation details of managed runtimes is a bonus.


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