[LLVMdev] LLVM/.Clang: 'make' freeze ?

John Smith lbalbalba at gmail.com
Sun Apr 10 12:38:32 PDT 2011


Ive been trying to build llvm/clang from source, but at the point
where the make reaches ' llvm[4]: Linking Debug+Asserts executable
clang', it seems that the make just seems to freeze or become
unresponsive. When it reaches this point, almost no CPU/IO activity
seems to take place, and yet the 'make' does not seem to progress any
further either. Ive been waiting/watching at this point for quite some
time now. In comparison, the 'linking' steps have taken more time than
the 'compiling' steps, but this is getting ridiculous. Should this
step really take a long time on a linux/fedora box ? Like, hours ? Is
something wrong with my system ? Or should I just let it run
overnight, and see where we are tomorrow morning ?

Thanks in advance,


John Smith.

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