[LLVMdev] dragonegg/llvm-gfortran/gfortran benchmarks

Duncan Sands baldrick at free.fr
Sat Apr 9 11:38:05 PDT 2011

Hi Jack,

>      Dragonegg 2.9 doesn't appear to be compatible with that flag at -O3. I see
> compilation failures of the form...
> This appears to be due to the -ftree-vectorize as -O3 --fno-tree-vectorize doesn't show this ICE but -O2 -ftree-vectorize does.

the -fplugin-arg-dragonegg-enable-gcc-optzns is indeed not very stable due to
the GCC optimizers producing stuff that you don't get directly from front-ends.
Not to mention that I didn't spend much time working on it.

Ciao, Duncan.

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