[LLVMdev] finding integer undefined behaviors using clang

John Regehr regehr at cs.utah.edu
Fri Apr 8 21:10:07 PDT 2011

Hi Cameron,

I agree, it would be nice to integrate this.  My quick analysis of the 
situation, however, was that there's probably some difference of opinion 
about how heavyweight the trap handler should be.  Ours is very heavy, in 
order to produce informative messages.  People using traps in production 
code -- for example to simulate infinitely-ranged integers -- aren't going 
to like this.  It's probably possible to engineer a solution that makes 
everyone happy, but it may be quite a bit of work.

In the meantime I wanted to get our code out there so people can use it. 
My hope is that if it turns out to be valuable, someone more conversant 
with LLVM will figure out how it fits into the bigger picture.


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