[LLVMdev] calling LLVM from C++ and passing C structs to work on?

Christoph Duelli duelli at melosgmbh.de
Fri Apr 8 00:09:13 PDT 2011

I have written a parser and "engine" for a simple scripting language - 
before I knew about LLVM.

I am thinking about whether it would be possible (and a good idea) to 
rewrite it to use the LLVM.
A main issue that I am not sure if LLVM can provide is the following:
     The script (which is called from C++ code) gets passed several C 
structs that have been populated
      by the calling C++ code.
      These can be accessed (both read and modified) from the script in 
the usual C notation.

Is it possible to integrate that with LLVM?

I have glanced over the docs but didn't find out whether this is possible.
Any links to relevant bits of the LLVM docs would be greatly appreciated.

Best regards

Christoph Duelli

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