[LLVMdev] Assuring ARM code quality in LLVM

Duncan Sands baldrick at free.fr
Fri Apr 8 03:30:14 PDT 2011

Hi Renato,

> On 8 April 2011 07:58, Duncan Sands<baldrick at free.fr>  wrote:
>> there are several idle ARM buildslaves.  There are the following slaves:
> Hi Duncan,
> I could find them on the page
> http://google1.osuosl.org:8011/buildslaves but I couldn't tell they're
> ARM. Where do I get this list?


> Also, I believe they're testing llvm-gcc only (right?).

They're not running anything.  I'm happy if you run whatever you like there.

  The only
> target that was testing LLVM was the one failing, and no target is
> testing Clang.
> I'd like to have at least one each. To cover the minimum requirements,
> would be good to have {v5,v6,v7}x{linux,eabi}x{ARM,Thumb} where
> appropriate.
> I think the most important right now are at least one v5T, one A8 and
> one M3, on both linux (v5, A8) and bare-metal, testing on both ARM and
> Thumb(1 or 2) each.
> Is there a way to schedule different tests on the same boards,
> avoiding collision? Say, while LLVM test runs on A8 bare-metal, Clang
> tests run on linux and vice versa.

Since I don't know anything about ARM I suggest you log into the machines
yourself and do whatever configuration you want.

Ciao, Duncan.

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