[LLVMdev] Assuring ARM code quality in LLVM

Renato Golin renato.golin at arm.com
Thu Apr 7 07:38:34 PDT 2011

Hi all,

I was recently investigating the build bot infrastructure and noticed
that the arm-linux target is failing for quite a long time. I believe
that it means ARM code is not executed all that often in LLVM tests,
is that correct?

We were wondering what kind of support we could give to make sure ARM
code is correct and don't regress, specially before releases (I know
it's a bit late for 2.9).

We have thought about some routes:
 - Install some build slaves on our side, so you can test them (linux,
bare-metal), if it's possible to cross-compile on build slaves.
 - Provide models or even hardware to whomever maintains the build
slaves, to have a centralised infrastructure, if that's beneficial in
any way.
 - Add linkage & execution to LIT tests, probably by using QEMU
models, but that would create a dependence on QEMU for everyone.
 - Something else?

As far as I could see, there is no current owner for the ARM tests
(including linkage and execution).

I'd like to get the ball rolling to better support testing and
benchmarking the ARM code, with the ultimate goal of making sure it
won't regress at least on every release, but hopefully for every

Could you please let me know what should I do, and what are the best
ways of doing so?


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