[LLVMdev] [GSoC] Increase the coverage of Polly

Vlad Krylov krvladislav at gmail.com
Sun Apr 3 15:23:17 PDT 2011


My plan would be:

1w Study sources of Polly and LLVM docs relating to analysis.
2w Create tests which demonstrate problems with NSW/NUW
3-4w Fix the handling of wrap overflows.
5w Complete middle term paperwork.
6w Create tests for each of cases which are not currently optimized (e.g.
have min/max, sext/zext, trunc or unsigned comparisons in the loop bounds or
memory accesses).
7w Learn how optimization process work for this examples.
8-10w Enable tests one by one.
11w Estimate SPEC 264ref performnace improvement (yes, I have access to
12w Complete paperwork.

I hope that it's real to complete this plan in time

26 марта 2011 г. 1:03 пользователь Tobias Grosser <grosser at fim.uni-passau.de
> написал:

> On 03/25/2011 05:44 PM, Vlad Krylov wrote:
>> Hello.
>> Guys, sorry for delay, I thinked about things, overlooked LLVM project
>> in search of a suitable case.
>> I have noticed that at this time in LLVM you actively implement the
>> possibility of automatic parallelization. I am interested in this
>> direction and I would like participate in a project Polly as my GSoC
>> project.
>> I have looked over todo list [1]. I really want to implement "Increase
>> the coverage of Polly". Folks, is anyone interested mentoring this
>> tasks for me?
> Sure, I am interested in (co-)mentoring Polly (or vim/clang_complete)
> related work, in case your project gets accepted.
>  I have some practical experience in parallel programming with MPI,
>> OpenMP, participated at university autoparallezation research. So this
>> work is linked with my activity and I believe I can handle it.
> Great. This should help you quite a bit with your application.
> Please keep in mind that the ideas list gives just a small idea of what is
> needed. For a good application you should investigate yourself, describe the
> problem and develop a plan of how to solve it. Feel free to ask, if you need
> any help.
> Cheers
> Tobi
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