[LLVMdev] Possible missed optimization?

Borja Ferrer borja.ferav at gmail.com
Sat Sep 4 11:30:14 PDT 2010

The pattern for the copy integer to reg is:

let isReMaterializable = 1,
isAsCheapAsAMove = 1 in
def MOVIRdK : FRdK<0b1110,
                  (outs GPR8:$dst),
                  (ins i8imm:$src),
                  "movi\t$dst, $src",
                  [(set GPR8:$dst, imm:$src)]>;

The xor pattern is :

let isCommutable = 1,
isTwoAddress = 1 in
def XORRdRr : FRdRr<0b0010,
                    (outs GPR8:$dst),
                    (ins GPR8:$src1, GPR8:$src2),
                    "xor\t$dst, $src2",
                    [(set GPR8:$dst, (xor GPR8:$src1, GPR8:$src2))]>;
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