[LLVMdev] adding (dwarf) unwind table emission to ARM llc backend

Robert Muth robertm at google.com
Tue Nov 23 14:13:32 PST 2010

I attended one of the sessions at the developer meeting where
exception handling and unwind table generation was discussed
but forgot to write down names.

I am interested in getting the ARM llc backend to emit/work with dwarf
unwind tables and use those with llvm-gcc's generic c++ exception
handling mechanism. A large part of this will also benefit ARM's eabi
way of handling unwinding.

A cursory glance at ARMFrameInfo::emitEpilogue() seems to indicate
that nothing has been implemented yet.
I am willing to invest some time on this but do not want to step on
anybody's toes.
Has anybody started working on this already?


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