[LLVMdev] Ahoy JIT Users

Albert Graef Dr.Graef at t-online.de
Sun Nov 14 10:15:13 PST 2010

I'm also eager to try the new JIT with Pure
(http://pure-lang.googlecode.com/). :)

Daniel Dunbar wrote:
> If you are a "sophisticated" JIT user and are using either internal
> APIs (either by integrating with LLVM, or by other C++ tricks), or are
> using obscure or poorly documented public APIs (e.g., why is
> runJITOnFunction exposed?) please make me aware of it!

I'm not aware of any dirty tricks or use of undocumented APIs, but Pure
uses the JIT quite heavily, since virtually every Pure script gets run
through the JIT when using the Pure interpreter. Moreover, Pure fully
employs the dynamic characteristics of the JIT (recompiling functions on
the fly when a new term rewriting rule gets added, for instance). Pure
has shaken out bugs in the JIT implementation before, so I guess it
could serve as a stress test for the new implementation. (Before that
can happen, I'll probably have to sync the Pure sources with latest TOT
again, but it works perfectly with the 2.8 release, so I hope that only
minor changes should be required, if any.)


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