[LLVMdev] Warnings when using opt for read-only (preserving) passes

Nick Lewycky nicholas at mxc.ca
Wed Jun 30 21:10:31 PDT 2010

Trevor Harmon wrote:
> Hi,
> I've written a FunctionPass that happens to be read-only (preserving):
> It doesn't modify the code in any way; it just does some analysis and
> dumps out the results for each function by overriding
> FunctionPass::print. I now need to make some changes to the pass, and
> these changes will mean that the results cannot be known until all
> functions have been visited. So there's no longer anything to do in
> FunctionPass::print. Instead I only need to call printf in
> FunctionPass::doFinalization to dump the final results.
> This presents a minor problem. Taking out FunctionPass::print causes
> "opt -analyze ..." to give warnings: "Pass::print not implemented for
> pass!" Okay, makes sense, but when I take out the -analyze parameter,
> I get another warning: "WARNING: You're attempting to print out a
> bitcode file ..." This also makes sense, because opt assumes my pass
> has modified the code in some way, so it's trying to output the
> modifications.
> But how can I get rid of these warnings?

opt -disable-output ...

  I can suppress the second one
> by adding "2>  /dev/null" to the opt command, but that suppresses the
> entire error stream, which isn't good. I also tried converting my
> FunctionPass into a ModulePass, and iterating over the functions
> manually, but I ran into problems because I can't seem to require a
> function pass, such as UnifyFunctionExitNodes, to run on a function if
> I'm within a ModulePass.
> Any other suggestions? Thanks,
> Trevor
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