[LLVMdev] llvm-ld question

Sumesh Udayakumaran sumesh.uk at gmail.com
Sat Jun 26 09:55:03 PDT 2010

   I found this question in the archives and i would like to clarify
this a bit. So in the llvm-ld, do unnecessary functions not get added
while linking itself or is it that they get subsequently  dropped with
the help of optimizations.  If it is the later, is it a feasible idea
to have a fast linker that does not even add functions while linking
itself ? If so, any examples of one in llvm world or otherwise?


On Fri, May 7, 2010 at 9:23 PM, Yuri <yuri at tsoft.com> wrote:
> shreyas krishnan wrote:
>> Hi
>>    If I am linking a large library with my app, is there a way I can
>> eliminate all the unused functions used in the library as part of the
>> linking ?
> If you are talking about static libraries (.a), this is done
> automatically by linker.
> You shouldn't have to worry about this.
> If you are talking about the shared library (.so) -- it will be loaded
> into memory unchanged. Not much you can do to reduce it's size.
> Yuri
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