[LLVMdev] DataTypes.h for Visual C

Óscar Fuentes ofv at wanadoo.es
Thu Jun 24 08:00:31 PDT 2010

Jochen Wilhelmy <j.wilhelmy at arcor.de> writes:

> In DataTypes.h (generated from DataTypes.cmake) there is an extra
> code path for Visual C.

What's that extra code path?

> This can produce macro redefinitions for INT8_MAX, INT8_MIN etc.
> since other headers may also define them. Therefore please
> protect the macros like INT8_C etc.
> Also it would be nice if the auto-generated HAVE_STDINT_H
> and HAVE_INTTYPES_H would be used also for Visual C since it
> is possible to add them to the global header directory
> (e.g. http://msinttypes.googlecode.com/svn/trunk)

This can be done, but I have some reservations about it.

My experience with those files which are provided by third parties for
acting as system headers are left forgotten somewhere on the system, or
installed by some piece of code without notice, and then some package
such as LLVM tests for their presence and uses them, much grief and pain
may follow.

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