[LLVMdev] Loopinfo Analysis

Thomas B. Jablin tjablin at cs.princeton.edu
Wed Jun 16 17:52:50 PDT 2010

Hi Hisham,
Most likely the basic blocks are the headers of two different loops. Try running viewCFG() on the function in question to see if this is the case.

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I have a question regrading the analysis pass that generates loop info from an .ll code. My previous understanding was there will be just one loop header(in the loop info) for a particular loop. But, when i use isLoopHeader() member function from the loop info class I get 'true' return value for two different basic blocks. Note both basic blocks are loop conditional block(break condition of the loop), but only one starts the loop. Is this the right behavior for the isLoopHeader() member function?

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