[LLVMdev] CMake sample project?

Óscar Fuentes ofv at wanadoo.es
Mon Jun 14 19:02:00 PDT 2010

sam lee <skynare at gmail.com> writes:

> Ok, I created cmake sample project that can build fibonacci.cpp (from
> llvm/examples/Fibonacci/fibonacci.cpp).
> I am linking to all libraries.
> I'm on windows and I could not make llvm-config to work.
> How does llvm-config work? I would like to port it to Python or Lua that
> works on every platform.

It would be very hard to make llvm-config work for MSVC++. It should
work for mingw, though. I have no idea why it doesn't.

Anyways, instead of "fixing" llvm-config a better option is to use the
library dependency info contained on the LLVM cmake build (see

I plan to expand the cmake build for installing the required cmake files
along the rest of LLVM so the user can include them on his project's
build for obtaining library dependencies, etc. This is not hard to do,
but for the next month or two I'll be busy with other tasks.

> I know it's Perl, but somehow I could not get it to
> build on windows. I built it on MSYS. But, invoking it (llvm-config --libs)
> says: llvm-config: unknown component name: pic16codegen.
> And, llvm-config --libs core  only returns -lLLVMCore (it should return
> -lLLVMSystem and -lLLVMSupport).


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