[LLVMdev] experimenting with partial evaluation

Pierre C lists at peufeu.com
Sat Jun 12 15:42:40 PDT 2010

> Here is an example to you. attached. run with -disable-lazy-comilation.
> It is *as-is* for Win32 but might be applicable to *-linux-elf more  
> smartly.
> It does get llvm::Function* by function ptr(not name!),
> and clone a specialized function,
> and execute specialized one
> in the same context as parent lli.

Many thanks. Using your code I was able to get useful results ! Many  
thanks to the helpful people on IRC, too.

> AFAIK, current version of lli does not support.
> I let lli to export current llvm::Module* and llvm::ExecutionEngine*.

I've tried to patch lli like you did but the problem was that I got lots  
of "LLVM ERROR: Program used external function" which is why, I guess, you  
had to enumerate all the symbols you used as externs in your patch... I'd  
rather avoid this solution ;)

So I've tried something else : I've written a minimalistic launcher (like  
a bare bones lli) which loads the module which contains the code, passes  
it its own Module* and ExecutionEngine*, so the code inside the module has  
those, then runs it.

It works nicely, except I have to launch my launcher with lli, if I  
compile it native and run it, I get the same undefined external functions  
errors. I've probably done something wrong somewhere...

I'd like to use the patched lli (passing the pointers to the code in the  
Module) since this is the most elegant solution, if anyone has ideas on  
how to get rid of the missing symbols. I guess i'd need to link all  
libraries used by the Module inside lli which could get ugly.

Anyway, I can run partial evaluation on a function like you did, but i  
have a little problem : if the function gets a bit complex, then the  
optimization pass crashes. I get this :

0  libLLVM-2.7.so.1 0x00007fefb5274d2f
1  libLLVM-2.7.so.1 0x00007fefb527538d
2  libpthread.so.0  0x00007fefb46668f0
3  libLLVM-2.7.so.1 0x00007fefb4e90b09  
llvm::ConstantExpr::getSizeOf(llvm::Type const*) + 9
4  libLLVM-2.7.so.1 0x00007fefb4c82c31  
llvm::ScalarEvolution::getSizeOfExpr(llvm::Type const*) + 33
5  libLLVM-2.7.so.1 0x00007fefb4c72693  
llvm::ScalarEvolution::createNodeForGEP(llvm::GEPOperator*) + 483
6  libLLVM-2.7.so.1 0x00007fefb4c731fd  
llvm::ScalarEvolution::createSCEV(llvm::Value*) + 1565
7  libLLVM-2.7.so.1 0x00007fefb4c73ad3  
llvm::ScalarEvolution::getSCEV(llvm::Value*) + 227
8  libLLVM-2.7.so.1 0x00007fefb4c73482  
llvm::ScalarEvolution::createSCEV(llvm::Value*) + 2210
9  libLLVM-2.7.so.1 0x00007fefb4c73ad3  
llvm::ScalarEvolution::getSCEV(llvm::Value*) + 227
10 libLLVM-2.7.so.1 0x00007fefb4c82864  
llvm::ScalarEvolution::createNodeForPHI(llvm::PHINode*) + 1060
11 libLLVM-2.7.so.1 0x00007fefb4c72f10  
llvm::ScalarEvolution::createSCEV(llvm::Value*) + 816
12 libLLVM-2.7.so.1 0x00007fefb4c73ad3  
llvm::ScalarEvolution::getSCEV(llvm::Value*) + 227
13 libLLVM-2.7.so.1 0x00007fefb4c20d58  
llvm::IVUsers::AddUsersIfInteresting(llvm::Instruction*) + 312
14 libLLVM-2.7.so.1 0x00007fefb4c21ffb  
llvm::IVUsers::runOnLoop(llvm::Loop*, llvm::LPPassManager&) + 331
15 libLLVM-2.7.so.1 0x00007fefb4c3aa67  
llvm::LPPassManager::runOnFunction(llvm::Function&) + 1015
16 libLLVM-2.7.so.1 0x00007fefb4ef6172  
llvm::FPPassManager::runOnFunction(llvm::Function&) + 498
17 libLLVM-2.7.so.1 0x00007fefb4ef62eb  
llvm::FunctionPassManagerImpl::run(llvm::Function&) + 91
18 libLLVM-2.7.so.1 0x00007fefb4ef649e  
llvm::FunctionPassManager::run(llvm::Function&) + 110
19 libLLVM-2.7.so.1 0x00007fefb4f9821c  
llvm::JIT::runJITOnFunctionUnlocked(llvm::Function*, llvm::MutexGuard  
const&) + 28
20 libLLVM-2.7.so.1 0x00007fefb4f985e3  
llvm::JIT::getPointerToFunction(llvm::Function*) + 387
21 libLLVM-2.7.so.1 0x00007fefb59a08c9  
llvm::JIT::getPointerToFunction(llvm::Function*) + 10519657
Stack dump:
0.      Program arguments: lli -disable-lazy-compilation launcher_jit.bc
1.      Running pass 'Loop Pass Manager' on function  
2.      Running pass 'Induction Variable Users' on basic block '%bb24'
Erreur de segmentation

The partial evaluation on another simpler function works, but if I add an  
Inlining pass, then the optimization pass crashes too. I get this :

0  libLLVM-2.7.so.1 0x00007f72d543dd2f
1  libLLVM-2.7.so.1 0x00007f72d543e38d
2  libpthread.so.0  0x00007f72d482f8f0
3  libLLVM-2.7.so.1 0x00007f72d50bde91  
llvm::ModulePass::assignPassManager(llvm::PMStack&, llvm::PassManagerType)  
+ 113
4  libLLVM-2.7.so.1 0x00007f72d50baef9  
llvm::PMTopLevelManager::schedulePass(llvm::Pass*) + 425
5  libLLVM-2.7.so.1 0x00007f72d5b69854  
llvm::PMTopLevelManager::schedulePass(llvm::Pass*) + 11201284
Stack dump:
0.      Program arguments: lli -disable-lazy-compilation launcher_jit.bc
Erreur de segmentation

Argh. Any ideas ?

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