[LLVMdev] Memory leak?

Neal N. Wang neal.wang at gmail.com
Fri Jun 11 22:10:45 PDT 2010

Hi folk,

I get the following stack trace and do have any clue how to fix the problem.

0  opt               0x087ecc99
1  opt               0x087ed265
2                    0xb7f6a400 __kernel_sigreturn + 0
3  opt               0x086d4198
llvm::LeakDetector::addGarbageObject(llvm::Value const*) + 29
4  opt               0x0872945f llvm::Instruction::Instruction(llvm::Type
const*, unsigned int, llvm::Use*, unsigned int, llvm::Instruction*) + 109
5  opt               0x083d208b
llvm::UnaryInstruction::UnaryInstruction(llvm::Type const*, unsigned int,
llvm::Value*, llvm::Instruction*) + 75
6  opt               0x0873e46b llvm::CastInst::CastInst(llvm::Type const*,
unsigned int, llvm::Value*, llvm::Twine const&, llvm::Instruction*) + 57
7  opt               0x0873124d llvm::BitCastInst::BitCastInst(llvm::Value*,
llvm::Type const*, llvm::Twine const&, llvm::Instruction*) + 65

I insert extra two instructions to a byte code, the corresponding code is
quite simple:
LoadInst* ptrVal = new LoadInst(ptr, "foobar", false, next);
CastInst* ptrCast = new BitCastInst(ptrVal, charPtrType, "cast1", next);

If I comment out the CastInst statement, it runs fine. Any hint what is
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