[LLVMdev] IntrinsicLowering and several related problems

SHEN Hao hao.shen at imag.fr
Mon Jun 7 08:57:47 PDT 2010

Dear all,

I'm using IntrinsicLowering class to remove all intrinsics in LLVM byte-code.
Unfortunately, I meet several problems:
1. Why I can not get the type of CallInst *CI?
   !CI->getType()->isVoidTy() is not working and how to solve it?
   This type information has some impacts with intrinsics such as flt_rounds.

2. Why Intrinsic::vastart and Intrinsic::powi are excluded from
IntrinsicLowering function?
There are no way to lower them at the byte-code level?

Best regards,
Hao Shen

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