[LLVMdev] Subregister coalescing

Carlos Sánchez de La Lama carlos.delalama at urjc.es
Thu Jul 29 00:16:38 PDT 2010


>> Is there a way to solve this?
> What Bob said. Use REG_SEQUENCE. You may have to use LLVM from  
> Subversion to do that. Your machine code looks like you are using 2.7.

Ok, so I understand REG_SEQUENCE is to BUILD_VECTOR what INSERT_SUBREG  
is to INSERT_VECTOR_ELT, in a way. I was actually looking for such a  
target opcode and could not find it in 2.7 (you are right, that is  
what i am using). I guess it is time to upgrade.

Thanks Jakob and Bob,


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