[LLVMdev] LLVM meta-data for run-time optimization

Javed Absar javed.absar at gmail.com
Wed Jul 28 19:59:11 PDT 2010

Thanks John. I just wanted an expert opinion on that issue, to set the
initial direction for my work.
So if you say thats possible i can invest time into it.

On 28 July 2010 23:26, John Criswell <criswell at illinois.edu> wrote:

> Javed Absar wrote:
>> Hi
>>  I read on LLVM blog that meta-data has been implemented to coney debug
>> information to run-time system.
>> Can one use meta-data to convey developer specifc hints to run-time system
>> (e.g. JIT compiler)?
>> Keen to know your thoughts on this.
> I don't see why not.  I've used LLVM metadata to record type-inference
> information and to assign IDs for dynamic tracing.  You can probably use it
> to convey developer hints to a JIT, although you should see if other LLVM IR
> features (like function attributes) are better suited for your task.
> I recommend reading over the LLVM Language Reference manual on the docs
> page to get an idea of what LLVM's IR has to offer.
> -- John T.
>  Thanks
>> Javed
>> --
>> my homepage: http://www.javedabsar.com

my homepage: http://www.javedabsar.com
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