[LLVMdev] Marking a test suite test XFAIL

John Criswell criswell at cs.uiuc.edu
Mon Jul 26 11:47:13 PDT 2010

Patrick Simmons wrote:
> I'm sorry; I should have been more clear.  I mean, for instance, run a 
> test but only with, say, llc, not with lli or cbackend.

There are DISABLE_JIT and DISABLE_LLC options in Makefile.programs (or,
at least there used to be; things may have changed since I last looked
at the test suite).  You can probably set one of those in the Makefile.

Just grep the Makefile.programs and other such Makefiles to get the
exact names of the variables.

-- John T.

> Thanks,
> --Patrick
> Dale Johannesen wrote:
>> On Jul 25, 2010, at 2:37 AMPDT, Patrick Simmons wrote:
>>>  Thanks, Dale, that really helps.
>>> What about disabling only one backend of a specific test?
>>> Thanks,
>>> --Patrick
>> Not sure I understand, the test for Sparc in the example Makefile 
>> would appear to do that.
>> You'll need to figure out a way to test for whatever condition you 
>> want to look at.  There are
>> lots of variables defined so there's probably a way to do it.
>>> On 07/22/10 16:04, Dale Johannesen wrote:
>>>>> Does this mean there is no way to selectively disable a backend or to
>>>> It can be done in the Makefiles, but it's not as clean as XFAIL.  Look
>>>> at External/SPEC/CINT2000/Makefile for examples.
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