[LLVMdev] Win32 COFF Support patch 5 (the final patch in the saga!)

Aaron Gray aaronngray.lists at gmail.com
Mon Jul 26 09:04:52 PDT 2010

On 26 July 2010 04:35, Michael Spencer <bigcheesegs at gmail.com> wrote:

> Attached is the 5th and final patch of the beginning of COFF support
> for MC. It simply makes the X86 backend use it on Win32 targets and
> tests it.
You probably want to add Cygwin and MinGW32 Triples as well :-

   case Triple::Win32:
+  case Triple::Cygwin:
+  case Triple::MinGW32:
     return new WindowsX86AsmBackend (T);

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