[LLVMdev] "Attribute" Translation

Xiaolong Tang xiaolong.snake at gmail.com
Fri Jul 23 14:16:28 PDT 2010

Hey all, 

Could anyone give me any hint on how llvm-g++ translates the
"__attribute__" annotations (supported by GCC)? 
(Has GCC already implemented the support for the C++0x attributes?)

Suppose a class definition as below:

template <typename T>
class __attribute__((may_alias)) list  { ... };

I understand that each particular attribute may be handled
differently. Assuming that I want to retain one attribute in the LLVM
IR, how is the attribute represented in the LLVM IR? And then how can
I query the attribute assuming that the attribute is appertained to a

By the way, I am very grateful for any idea on extending the compiler
with new attribute tokens?


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