[LLVMdev] help

Duncan Sands baldrick at free.fr
Fri Jul 23 00:50:53 PDT 2010


> store i32 (...)** inttoptr (i32 add (i32 ptrtoint ([14 x i32 (...)*]*
> @_ZTCN7sc_core9sc_signalIiEE0_NS_15sc_signal_in_ifIiEE to i32), i32 24)
> to i32 (...)**), i32 (...)*** %1, align 4
> In the above Instruction how can I get axis to the intnal instructions
> (inttoptr, add etc)??

someone else asked basically the same question a few days ago, so I suggest
you search the mailing list.

The short answer is that (1) these aren't instructions, they are constants,
and (2) they are operands of the store instruction, so you can get them
using getOperand.



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