[LLVMdev] llvmv build failure

Fariborz Jahanian fjahanian at apple.com
Thu Jul 22 08:57:26 PDT 2010

Building llvm is failing for me today. I am using clang++ to build  
(which has not changed).

llvm[2]: Compiling EDMain.cpp for Debug+Asserts build (PIC)
EDMain.cpp:267:39: error: C-style cast from '::EDTokenVisitor_t' (aka  
'int (^)(EDTokenRef)') to 'llvm::EDTokenVisitor_t' (aka 'int (^) 
(llvm::EDToken *)') is not allowed
   return ((EDInst*)inst)->visitTokens((llvm::EDTokenVisitor_t)visitor);
1 error generated.
make[2]: *** [/Volumes/sandbox/llvm/tools/edis/Debug+Asserts/EDMain.o]  
Error 1

- Fariborz

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