[LLVMdev] I would like to merge PARSEC into test-suite

Patrick Simmons simmon12 at illinois.edu
Tue Jul 20 01:18:39 PDT 2010

  From here: http://parsec.cs.princeton.edu

It is open-source and redistributable, and I have added LICENSE.TXT 
files to all the pieces I want to merge.  These are blackscholes, 
canneal, dedup, fluidanimate, freqmine, streamcluster, and swaptions.  I 
will disable the tests by default on the initial merge and test 
thoroughly on Linux and MacOS before enabling them.  May I please commit 
my changes directly to test-suite?


If I'm not here, I've gone out to find myself.  If I get back before I return, please keep me here.

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