[LLVMdev] How to use data structure of another pass

John Criswell criswell at uiuc.edu
Mon Jul 19 14:40:54 PDT 2010

Soumya_Prasad_Ukil wrote:
> Can  you tell me where pass_1 is defined?

The class definition for pass_1 should be defined in a header file so 
that it can be #include'ed into code that needs to know how to use pass_1.

> You have used it inside getAnalysis<pass_1>(). Is it the name we 
> generally give to a pass while registry? In this case, don't I need to 
> use getAnalysisUsage (AnalysisUsage &AU)  function?

pass_1 is the name of the C++ class that implements the first pass.

To use the analysis results of pass_1, you need to do two things:

1) The pass using pass_1 (pass_2, in this case) needs to indicate that 
it requires pass_1.  To do this, it calls AU.addRequired<pass_1>() in 
its getAnalysisUsage() method.

2) It needs to get a C++ reference (or pointer) to the pass_1 pass when 
its runOnModule (or runOnFunction, runOnBasicBlock, etc.) method is 
called.  To do this, it must call getAnalysis<pass_1>().

-- John T.

> On 20 July 2010 02:55, John Criswell <criswell at uiuc.edu 
> <mailto:criswell at uiuc.edu>> wrote:
>     Soumya_Prasad_Ukil wrote:
>             In LLVM, we generally use data structure of another pass
>         by implementing getAnalysisUsage (AnalysisUsage &AU) method.
>         Suppose SOURCE/lib/Transform directory I have added one pass
>         named as pass_1, which calculates all expressions in a program
>         and stores all of them in an Expr array(take it now for
>         granted). Now I added another pass named as pass_2 in the same
>         directory to print all these expression. How do I do this?
>     The pass_1 pass will need to implement a method that returns the
>     array of expressions (or a reference to it).  The pass_2 pass can
>     then use getAnalysis<pass_1>() to get a reference to the pass_1
>     object and call this method on the pass_1 object to get the array
>     of expressions.
>     -- John T.
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>         regards,
>         soumya prasad ukil
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> regards,
> soumya prasad ukil

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