[LLVMdev] DAGCombiner::ReduceLoadWidth bug?

llvmjp jpbonn-keyword-llvm.7c175e at corniceresearch.com
Mon Jul 19 09:50:27 PDT 2010

DAGCombiner::ReduceLoadWidth() does the following:
/// ReduceLoadWidth - If the result of a wider load is shifted to right of N
/// bits and then truncated to a narrower type and where N is a multiple
/// of number of bits of the narrower type, transform it to a narrower load
/// from address + N / num of bits of new type. If the result is to be
/// extended, also fold the extension to form a extending load.

The problem I'm running into is our loads are custom lowered.  Our 
architecture does not support loads smaller than 32 bits so we change 
these loads into 32 bit loads.  Unfortunately ReduceLoadWidth() then 
lowers them back into 16 bit loads.

Is this a bug in ReduceLoadWidth() or is there something I'm missing?

Alternatively, I guess I could create target specific nodes for the 
lowered loads.


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