[LLVMdev] Tool for run-time code generation?

Óscar Fuentes ofv at wanadoo.es
Fri Jul 16 11:48:38 PDT 2010

David Piepgrass <dpiepgrass at mentoreng.com> writes:

>> LLVM has a JIT for this purpose. You generate LLVM IR code (a sort of
>> generic assembler) and it produces optimized native code ready to be
>> executed.
>> x86-win32 is fine. I don't think so about arm-wince.
> What's wrong with running LLVM on ARM?

LLVM can generate code for ARM, but the JIT requires extra target and
platform dependent stuff, and that's not done for arm-wince.

> It's supposed to support ARM as a target, and since it's written in C
> it should theoretically compile for ARM.

LLVM is C++, although it has C bindings.

> CMake doesn't support Visual Studio 9 for Smart Devices, so I would
> probably have to go to quite a bit of trouble to create a project
> file. Still, if I did so, shouldn't it theoretically work?

The VS project files should be the least of your concerns wrt this
issue. You can ask here for a rough estimation of how hard would be to
add support for arm-wince and then consider your options.

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