[LLVMdev] likely SPECCPU2006 miscompilation

John Regehr regehr at cs.utah.edu
Mon Jul 5 16:08:51 PDT 2010

Using clang r107598 at -O1 to create reportable SPECINT 2006 results, I'm 
getting the output below, which is almost certainly due to a 
miscompilation.  Known problem?



   Running (#3) 403.gcc ref base i386-m32-gcc42-nn default
/home/regehr/z/specCPU2006/bin/specinvoke -d 
-e speccmds.err -o speccmds.stdout -f speccmds.cmd -C

403.gcc: copy #0 non-zero return code (rc=1, signal=0)

Contents of c-typeck.err
c-typeck.c:4353: Internal compiler error in change_address_1, at 
It is possible that you may be trying to use SPEC's version of gcc
without first defining the appropriate flags.  Please check the flags
that are in the config files from recently-published results on your
platform, and check that you are using an up-to-date compiler.  If
you still need help, please contact SPEC, reporting your hw/os
platform, your compiler version, and your compilation flags.
Contact SPEC at <URL:http://www.spec.org/>


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