[LLVMdev] Qualitative comparisons between Open64 and llvm

Arvind Sudarsanam A.Sudarsanam at cputech.com
Thu Jul 1 11:25:21 PDT 2010


I have been working towards developing compiler optimization tools
targeting multi core processors while using LLVM IR as the starting
point and building on top of the analysis and optimization passes
available in the llvm source. 

Recently, I looked into Open64 and its intermediate representation
WHIRL. Documentation for developers to use Open64 seems to be inadequate
(when compared to LLVM documentation). I am planning to download the
source and look into it.

I was wondering if anyone has worked with both LLVM and Open64 and has
some qualitative comparisons between the two. Maybe, in terms of (a)
Ease of developing new passes (2) Ease of debugging (3) Quality of
results (4) Support for developers (5) Documentation (6) Ability to
retarget towards multi core processors.

Thanks in advance

CPU Technology
Software Engineer

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