[LLVMdev] Redefining function

Conrado Miranda miranda.conrado at gmail.com
Sat Jan 30 18:22:59 PST 2010

Albert Graef wrote:

> The way I do this in Pure is to always call global functions in an
> indirect fashion, using an internal global variable which holds the
> current function pointer. When a function definition gets updated, the
> Pure interpreter just jits the new function, changes the global variable
> accordingly, and frees the old code.
> Compared to Duncan's suggestion, this has the advantage that you only
> have to recompile the function which was changed. AFAICT, if you use
> replaceAllUsesWith, then the changes ripple through so that you might
> end up re-jiting most of your program.

Thought of that before, but I was trying to do it more elegantly and
transparent to the program (which is being write in C/C++). Maybe going back
to that.

Thank you both for the quick replies.


If it's any help, got the svn version and, while running the program, got
The JIT doesn't know how to handle a RAUW on a value it has emitted.
UNREACHABLE executed at

I looked at the function and it's a dummy function. Just looking forward to
see that corrected.
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