[LLVMdev] Compiling Kaleidoscope on Windows

Russell Wallace russell.wallace at gmail.com
Sat Jan 30 17:57:55 PST 2010

Thanks to OvermindDL1 for pointing this out: compiling with Visual C++
actually works! Basically it's just a matter of running cmake (default
settings are fine) then nmake, and I've got what appears to be a
working version of LLVM.

Kaleidoscope crashes on attempting to exit with ^Z:

ready> 1+2;
ready> Evaluated to 3.000000
ready> 3*4;
ready> Evaluated to 12.000000
ready> ^Z
ready> ; ModuleID = 'my cool jit'

declare void @abort()

define double @0() {
  ret double 3.000000e+000

define double @1() {
  ret double 1.200000e+001
While deleting: double ()* %
An asserting value handle still pointed to this value!
UNREACHABLE executed at C:\d\llvm-2.6\lib\VMCore\Value.cpp:492!

I hope this is just a bug in Kaleidoscope itself, anyone got any idea?

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