[LLVMdev] function inlining of llvm-gcc versus gcc, and llvm-g++ versus g++?

David Dunkle ddunkle at arxan.com
Thu Jan 28 15:38:44 PST 2010

Does llvm-gcc do more, less, or the same amount of function inlining as
gcc? What about llvm-g++ and g++?
I am specifically interested in inlining that occurs when I run with the
--emit-llvm command line flag like this:
llvm-gcc -c --emit-llvm foo.c
thus generating bitcode. That is, I am not interested at this moment in
what happens when I run the opt or llc tools 
on the bit code after its omitted, I am just focusing on the inlining
that has occurred up until the point that the bitcode 
is emitted.
I am trying to find this information about using the tools themselves,
but it would be great if there is a known answer 
so I can cut short the process.
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