[LLVMdev] Deterministic iteration over llvm iterators

Augustine Mathews augustine.mathew at gmail.com
Mon Jan 25 13:23:32 PST 2010

Forgot cc, the entire group.

How can deterministically iterate over the uses of a variable. i.e. the uses
should be any particular order that doesn't change from execution to
execution of the opt tool.

To make myself more clearer, here is a snippet of code that has Values
reordered each time I analyze a particular piece of code(which doesn't
change) with the LLVM opt tool and my LLVM pass.

void Anders::id_gep_ce(Value *G){
  //Check all GEP and bitcast ConstantExpr's using G.
  for(Value::use_iterator it= G->use_begin(), ie= G->use_end(); it != ie;
    ConstantExpr *E= dyn_cast<ConstantExpr>(*it);

i.e. use_begin() and use_end() still works correctly such that iterates
through all the uses of G but the uses themselves are reordered. My question
is whether I can deterministically iterate through all the uses of G each
time run the analysis.

Currently this is what happens in principle:

Execution 1: <val 1> <val 2> <val 3>

Execution 2: <val 2> <val 1> <val 3>

The llvm version that I am using llvm 2.5. My machine is an x86 32 bit dual
core machine.

The code that I am analyzing is some bytecode that is generated apriori.
This is only generated once, and the analysis reads this particular bytecode
file to perform an analysis using the opt tool.

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