[LLVMdev] Kaleidoscope-tutorial: Fails to create the JIT

ALbert Mietus albert at ons-huis.net
Mon Jan 25 01:11:39 PST 2010

First, THANKS for all the help!

> Change your g++ build to:
> g++ -g -O0 toy-example26.cpp -o toy-example26  `/Users/albert/ 
> NoTimeMachine/LLCM_Clang/llvm-trunk/BUILD/Debug/bin/llvm-config -- 
> cppflags --ldflags --libs core jit interpreter native`

This help! But, see below ...

> After you get this working, try it with the source interpreter  
> include removed, and minus the above interpreter llvm-config addition.

Now, I removed the interpreter lib and the  line: '#include "llvm/ 
ExecutionEngine/Interpreter.h"', which again results in a "working"  

Great! This enables me to study llvm again.

As I wrote above, both build work more-or-less. I found a "new" bug;  
which I have feed to Bugzilla,  see bug 6136.

As A summary:
When entering end-of-line,  both build start dumping/showing the   
module content AND fail at it, with a abort-trap!
See bugzilla for details

For now, I will "backport" this working build to in-between (chapter)  
version of the tutorial and study it a bit more. Whenever I found doc- 
bugs or other items, I will enter them in in bugzilla (as I did before).
Whenever I got a "good" explanation why I didn't/doesn't work (yet) on  
my system I will bugzilla and/or email it, with patches if possible


--Groetjes, Albert

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