[LLVMdev] Find all backedges of CFG by MachineDominatorTree. please look at my jpg.

任坤 hbrenkun at yahoo.cn
Mon Jan 25 00:57:02 PST 2010


I hope to cut all backedges of MachineFunction CFG, then topological sort MachineBasicBlocks.

1. MachineDominatorTree *domintree = new MachineDominatorTree();

2. Then travel mf one by one.
   When domintree->dominates(next,current) is true, there is a backedge from current node to next node. move this backedge form CFG.

   But I find A LOOP in some CFG, there is backedge from current to next, dominates function reture "FALSE". So my algorithm find Graph can not be
toplogical sort.

3. how do I find all backedges of CFG???


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