[LLVMdev] Kaleidoscope-tutorial: Fails to create the JIT

ALbert Mietus albert at ons-huis.net
Sat Jan 23 09:21:43 PST 2010

I ask for advice, for TheExecutionEngine === NULL,

>> Which result's in a null-pointer for "TheExecutionEngine"; which
>> explains the bus-errror ..

Reid Kleckner wrote:
> Try changing the above line to:
>  std::string str;
>  TheExecutionEngine =  
> EngineBuilder(OurModuleProvider).setErrorStr(str).create();
>  cout << str << '\n';
> This interface should set str to an appropriate error message if it
> returns NULL.

I tried this, assuming that line should be
||  TheExecutionEngine =  
* There is on "OurModuleProvider, g++ says .., and
* g++ complains about the str-type
	 (Well,  g++ actually complain about the function; but I assume this  
is what is means, ...
          At least adding the & help to compile it:-)

The result: nada. No string is printed! (or an empty string, I should  

So more help is welcome.! Can somebody  just try the code on his/her  
machine; maybe the tutorial is "to old"
The code is, as you probably know, at: http://llvm.org/releases/2.6/docs/tutorial/LangImpl4.html#code
  When it is working on your system, please email me, including that  
version (or svn- tag/date) And I will try the same version


--Groetjes, Albert

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