[LLVMdev] Kaleidoscope-tutorial: Fails to create the JIT

ALbert Mietus albert at ons-huis.net
Fri Jan 22 10:56:29 PST 2010

Hello All

I 'm studing LLVM/Clang and trying to follow the Kaleidoscope tutorial  
(Release 2.6 version).
I found some minir docu-bugs and added them to Bugzilla.

However, Now I found a show-stopper for me, the toy (v4) demo does  
build, but does crash, on any input. Even a simpe ';'!
Looking into the (demo-code) found the that the JIT can't be build/ 
Which result's in a null-pointer for "TheExecutionEngine"; which  
explains the bus-errror ..

The main code is
  || ... 								//GAM some setting of vars
  ||  fprintf(stderr, "ready> ");
  ||  getNextToken();
  || // Make the module, which holds all the code.
  ||  TheModule = new Module("my cool jit", getGlobalContext());
  ||  //GAM: check TheModule: it's a valid pointer
  ||  // create the JIT.
  || TheExecutionEngine = EngineBuilder(TheModule).create();
  ||  //GAM: check TheExecutionEngine:  IT IS A NULL POINTER
[My addition are annotated by 'GAM']

This code, seams right to me; so probably it is an installation  
problem. Or such.
But the code is to big to solve this now. I' following the tutorial,  
to get familiair with it. :-)

So I need some help. Please give respond with a fix, workaround,. or  
when needed details

Some details: Version is 2.6, PreBuild Apple OS-X download (from llvm- 
website). But the same happens with  build form 2.6 sources.
Apple (Laptop) , intel; Leopard OS (No Snow), with all updates
Placed the bin/libs in a custom dir: $HOME/NoTimeMachine/LLCM/ 
PreBuild/ is LLVM home [or: .../<OwnBuidl>/Release/]
Build the Kaleidoscope tool, as mentioned in the docs:
	g++ -g -O3 $< -o $@ 		`${LLVM}/bin/llvm-config --cppflags --ldflags -- 
libs core jit native`
Also tried with -rdynamic  option; same result

Please send me instruction for a patch/workarond, so I can continue  
this tutorial, make bug-reports and/or -fixes. Thanks!

Notice: I'n not part of the -dev list, so please responds to my  
directly: albert AT mietus DOT nl, or the email in header.


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