[LLVMdev] Exception handling question

Duncan Sands baldrick at free.fr
Fri Jan 22 06:42:52 PST 2010

Hi James,

>     want to send us your testcase code?  Then we can give it a whirl.
> Test code is at http://giantblob.com/ehtest.tar.gz
> Thanks for the help. I apologize in advance if it turns out I'm doing 
> something stupid!

I hope you realise that by running llvm-ld without -native you are actually
executing your program from the JIT.  I did a native compilation as follows:
used llvm-link to link all of the bitcode into "total.bc"; ran llc on total.bc,
producing "total.s"; did "g++ -o total total.s"; ran ./total.  It seems to work:

$ ./total
__l_personality called$

Of course it is probably supposed to work from the JIT too (I don't know
anything about the JIT), but it clearly doesn't: when I tried I got:

lli: lib/ExecutionEngine/JIT/JIT.cpp:624: void 
llvm::JIT::runJITOnFunctionUnlocked(llvm::Function*, const llvm::MutexGuard&): 
Assertion `!isAlreadyCodeGenerating && "Error: Recursive compilation detected!"' 
6  lli       0x0000000000d3f5e2 
llvm::JIT::runJITOnFunctionUnlocked(llvm::Function*, llvm::MutexGuard const&) + 62
7  lli       0x0000000000d3f9c6 llvm::JIT::getPointerToFunction(llvm::Function*) 
+ 686
8  lli       0x0000000000d67c86 
llvm::ExecutionEngine::getPointerToGlobal(llvm::GlobalValue const*) + 70
9  lli       0x0000000000d62805 
llvm::JITDwarfEmitter::EmitCommonEHFrame(llvm::Function const*) const + 613
10 lli       0x0000000000d60ac3 
llvm::JITCodeEmitter&, unsigned char*, unsigned char*, unsigned char*&) + 335



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