[LLVMdev] Exception handling question

Duncan Sands baldrick at free.fr
Fri Jan 22 05:58:42 PST 2010

Hi James,

> Yes - sorry I was unclear. I have pruned everything down to a pretty 
> minimal test:
> - LLVM 2.6 compiled from source
> - A slightly modified version of Duncan's example ll assembly posted earlier
> - A minimal personality function (just a call to fprintf()) in a 
> separate C file compiled with gcc-llvm
> - A single C++ function in a third file that simply does "throw 1;" 
> compiled with g++-llvm
> - I can definitely see the personality function in the exception headers 
> and it's definitely not being called.
> - If i replace "throw 1" with "result = _Unwind_RaiseException" then 
> result is 5 - i.e. END_OF_STACK.

want to send us your testcase code?  Then we can give it a whirl.



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