[LLVMdev] Exception handling question

Garrison Venn gvenn.cfe.dev at gmail.com
Fri Jan 22 04:44:16 PST 2010

Hey Duncan,

Yup, you are correct. Just tested to make sure. Invoking _Unwind_RaiseException(...) directly still sets up
personality function (and calls it during exception search/cleanup), in corresponding frame headers for frame 
containing invoke. Well ... ok, at least in a JIT execution environment. :-)

I thought maybe __gcc_personality_v0(...) was being called instead.

However, I also just tested with a garbage exception (offset exception ptr by 1000), being passed in to _Unwind_RaiseException(...), 
with  the result that the personality function was still called with the cleanup landing pad correctly found. This personality ignored the 
exception pointer. So I don't believe the problem is with the exception data since his personality function is not invoked. 

I would test the code directly but I don't yet have non-JIT experience with LLVM.


On Jan 22, 2010, at 6:51, Duncan Sands wrote:

> Hi Garrison,
>> %7 = invoke i8* (...)* bitcast (i32 (%struct._Unwind_Exception*)* @_Unwind_RaiseException to i8* (...)*)(i64* %6)
>>          to label %8 unwind label %.finally_pad  ; <i8*> [#uses=0]
>> I am not sure this is going to work, at least from the way I've played with the system. In my examples the _Unwind_RaiseException(...) is called from a frame (function) called via
>> the invoke instruction, not from a frame that contains the invoke instruction.
> I'm pretty sure this doesn't matter.  It seems to me more likely that the
> exception object was not initialized properly.
> Ciao,
> Duncan.

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